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Jacob Oram reveals his true colours

Posted by farkandfunk on June 2, 2009

When Jacob Oram was drafted in the Chennai Super Kings squad, there was a lot of hope and anticipation from its legion of fans. One hoped that they’d see some destructive hitting when he would bat, and some tight stump to stump bowling at the death for CSK, choking and clogging the opposition worse than the public loos in a local train station .  Dhoni, who seems to have a weakness for all-rounders of the Ajit Agarkar caliber (how else can one explain the inclusion Joke-inder Sharma in so many matches that even he,  if given the option, would  bench his own arse), promptly persisted with Oram in almost all the matches this season. Oram would then proceed to promptly appear in the chennai yellows as consistently as a paan stain on the walls of a government building, a fungus on moist brittania bred, a rash due to a tight tantex underwear… well, you get hte picture.

We all know how Oram did this season of the IPL.

Webster Definition

Webster Definition

In IPL 2.0 (since its SOOO cool), here are his figures:

M    I    NO    Runs    Avg    SR
11    8    2    88    14.66    94.62

M    I    Runs    W    Avg    Eco    SR
11    8    133    5    26.60    8.58    18.60

All rounder. Right.

For someone with a strike rate of below 100 in this format, an economy rate in bowling that looks like batting average (never a good thing for an all rounder no matter how you look at it), an experienced bowler who had  “Smack-me-coz-I’m-AKON’s-Biatch” tattooed on his forehead every time he came on to bowl at the death, he didn’t exactly have an argument in justifying his selection in the team.

Yesterday, India plays NZ in a warm-up game, and surprise surprise, Jo is included in his team. As team India cruises along, JO is brought in to the proceedings. A casual observer and follower of the game in the last few months would think that, oh alright, I guess the teams want this to get over fast, so that they can all go back to their rooms, get some food,  make long-distance calls to their families (or1-800-LoNELY in the case Warnie) /or simply do whatever it is  they do when they are alone in the rooms…

What we witness next is a 3-0-18-1 performance by Oram, taking the wicket of his clubmate Raina , and punking his other clubmate and captain Dhoni in the process. More disturbing would have been the fact that he bowled 2 relatively tight overs at the death, making Dhoni and the CSK think-tank scratch their respective heads and groins in no particular order in shock of what could have been when they sorely needed such control during their IPL adventure.

For Team India, it’s probably a little too early to panic. It was a warm-up game, and a loss here is better than a loss in the real thing. It also must have provided a few insights, such as:
1. the team composition didn’t exactly light the world on fire
2. Ishant sharma can do some damage in those conditions
3. Jadeja is pretty good -but he isnt there yet  – seems to lose his mojo when the going gets tough
4. Take nothing for granted (read: oram)
5. Rohit and Raina are the best bet for consistency – hope they continue on that vein
6. You can suck/not participate in IPL and still do well in the world cup
7. It’s good not to have hear/see/smell Modi

All said and done, the team will probably look like this:
Viru, Gautham, Raina, Yuvraj, Rohit, Dhoni, Y.Pathan, I.Pathan, Bhajji,RP, Ishant  (if Zaheer is fit , he probably replaces Ishant).

But the final word goes to Oram and his likes- thank you for raising the warning bell!

Black Caps ku whistle podu!

Black Caps ku whistle podu!


5 Responses to “Jacob Oram reveals his true colours”

  1. it was timely warning bells indeed…

    if we can tighten up the fielding (tho with robin singh i have no hope) and death over bowling we can be the team to beat irrespective of dhoni’s trademark goofups…

    thanks for the link fark…blogrolled you… 🙂

  2. Good analysis there. I think during the IPL, Jacob Oram was briefly transformed to Jacob Oral; therefore he sucked :p

  3. Fark – that was to the point and hilarious as well. JO sucked big time. Looked like a man playing with his children in the park (what else with age group kid PP in the same side)

    On other things.

    Team comp – I belive MSD was constrained by absence of Viru and Yuvraj. That said, a captain who included Oram for 11 games needs to get this right.Soon.

    Jadeja – my thoughts too.Exciting prospect yes. Not quite the finished article. I got this feeling in a couple of IPL games as well.

    No Modi- But strangely after 10 overs into Ireland’s innings the other day, I got up, stretched and headed to the loo. Wife reminded this aint IPL.

    No Modi – big vacuum. Seems as though there is suddenly very less for commentators to talk about, for the camera to pan to. I suppose great men are lamented only in their absence :))

    Straight Point – Robin Singh and Venky Prasad have had contrasting results over a largely similar tenure. Robin was known for his work ethic as a player, but that does not necessarily make a great fielding coach. Death over bowling – today’s warm up against Pak should hopefully tell us something.

    Rofl Indian ROFL 🙂

  4. @Straight – agreed. Reports today said that they were “trying” a short of a length during the end overs and that strategy did not work. Could it not have been reverted during the game itself? I’m really asking, as I am not sure . If we try something different and it doesn’t work (get hammered), wouldn’t we go back to the basics immediately ?

    @ROFL – ORAL!!! :))))

    @Late – Agreed about the missing links (Viru and Yuvi). Both are definitely extremely dangerous , and possibly take up a lot of the oppositions time for planning. So if they don’t fire , you can almost bet someone else in the team cashes in and fires on their behalf. Dhoni seems to be a “let things happen” sort of a captain, who’s pretty good at reading conditions, and also not pressurizing his players. It works extremely well when the core of your team is on a purple patch. It remains to be seen what happens when the core is out of form, how do you then improvise and get the best out of the team.

    I still remember the 2003 test series down under. I agree it was a relatively weak Aussie side, but India had the mental baggage of under performing outside forever. The 1st test match – the openers did ok, but Dravid and Sachin get out making 1 and 0. Ganguly walks out, and scores 144 or something, and India draw the test. More importantly, it just showed something else- Ganguly really LED the team out with that innings. More than the runs, he scored with an attitude that defined the team. It’s that kind of leadership that might be required when the going gets tough.

  5. Q said

    Interesting thoughts there Fark… quite spot on abt Oram.. in Franklyn I see an Oram style big hitter.

    Have blogrolled u.

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