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Exerpts from The Real Karadi Tales

Posted by farkandfunk on June 1, 2009

*Notes from our beloved TR’s personal diary – soon to be released into an autobiography titled ” Aatobiaagrapi  : Indha Karadiya  Paarudi (paathya yen Parody?Saaapudaii)

Naal :01/05/____

Saaru khan ku oru peshal tea

Dei Sattaiya podu da , akka tangachinga paarkaranga

Dai diary,

Machi saa ruku , inaa da kaatarai looku,
6 packu valathai naa innaa da periya kumbu,
Naa valathaen  paaru-  oru singa kutti  simbu.

Dilu vale dulugiyaan le jaayaenge oda Raj,

OSO le iqbal kooptaane vonne  Ommi ,
dei naa adipaen da onnaku gummi,
yenna naa dhaan da veeraachaamy

Inge poraadhu ne girikettu vaerai, anga enne da kizhuche,
ellam tothutu nikkariye , naa podaraen da pichai,
on munji naa yen peecha kaiyea vachen!

Gumtalakada gumma.

Cheena Tea , Japaaan Tea

Cheena Tea , Japaaan Tea

Singam is King

Singam is King


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Shakespeare in Desi Context – from krishashok’s blog

Posted by farkandfunk on October 10, 2007

Will update more by the end of the day! Damn work! Click on all the pictures for a clear view of them.

1. Play:The Merchant of Venice.

Context :2 of the lead characters, Antonio and Bassanio , had a slightly homoerotic relationship (no, really). Here’s the dialogue in an indian context that really defines it. Read the RIGHT dialogue first, and then the LEFT 🙂

SRK and KJ

2. Play : Macbeth

Context: the 3 witches hailing the “entrance of macbeth” in the style of the old village ladies deep down south with all the noises


3. Play : Romeo & Juliet

Context: Romeo and his cousin Benvolio (being Montagues) see Juliet in the Capulet party. Romeo takes interest in the “forbidden fruit”. Here’s an exchange in the quintessential TR style.


Here’s a rough transalation:

Romeo : Dude, who’s the “figure”(chick)? “Size” is slightly bigger. I’ll keep a bet. I will “set” her .

Benvolio : Dude, you shouldn’t dare. Her whole family has horns. Stop the bet right here. Otherwise her father will screw you where it hurts.

4. Romeo and Juliet again

context: balcony scene , where they’re koochi-kooing- desi style!


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