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Brett’s date with bollywood

Posted by farkandfunk on September 27, 2007

The Aussies have landed. As we all know, Mr. Lee has got a soft spot for Bollywood, and quite fancies himself as a rock-star actor. So what would happen if Brett had been in bollywood? Lets examine.

Brett Hain Na

Brett Hain Na



Karan Brett

Karan and Brett

Hmm…Strange brothers from other mothers.

4 Responses to “Brett’s date with bollywood”

  1. Madhukar said

    Beyond awesome! The omkara one rocks! I love the way you used his standard expression.

  2. PSB said

    Why does he have what looks suspiciously like green moss growing on his face?

  3. liz said

    This is pathetic.Lee fans will kill.

  4. @PSB: that’s the result of a new algae face pack that most of our metrosexual bollywood stars use these days. Apparently it doesn’t work too well with Caucasians…

    @Liz: I completely agree it’s pathetic Liz…someone should really tell Brett not to do this!

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